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Rage4 DNS - Record specific setup

This support article describes record specific setup. Please note that all examples are created using domain name.

I'm not sure how to create SRV record?

Let's say that you want to create SRV record for Microsoft Office365. According to Microsoft's documentation you need to use following values
  • Service: _sipfederations
  • Protocol: _tcp
  • Priority: 100
  • Weight: 1
  • Port: 5061
  • Target:
Let's try to add our new SRV record to Rage4 DNS
  1. create new SRV record,
  2. use "" as record's name (the schema is "Service.Protocol.domain"),
  3. use "1 5061" as record's value (the schema is "Weight Port Target"),
  4. pick 100 from Priority dropdown,
  5. click Save

Can I use CNAME for root/apex of a domain?

In theory yes, in practice no as you will delegate the management outside the zone (you can read more about this in RFC 2181. Instead we suggest using ANAME record.

How to add TXT record?

If you are going to add TXT records like SPF or DomainKeys please do not quote the value and do not escape semicolons with backslash.

Instead of "k=rsa\; p=123457890...qwertyuiop" use k=rsa; p=123457890...qwertyuiop

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